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Growing in new directions, a lesson from nature

Over the past year my life has changed immeasurably. My deep yearning to get closer to nature and become more sustainable has come about and been pretty successful, I feel.

Now my challenge is to bring together my work life and my sustainable life. Both are fascinating and very consuming, so we'll see how well they marry!

Whilst clearing up the vegetable patch and the greenhouse for the autumn I was struck by how tomato plants, not solely tomatoes but their energy can't be overlooked, are incredibly adaptable. As my tomato plants kept growing, getting taller and shooting off in different directions, making the greenhouse feel like a tropical forest, I cut them back weeks ago. This was to enable existing fruit to benefit from maximum energy from the plant.

Undeterred, the tomato plants have not only provided me with beautiful and plentiful crops of fruit, but they keep on growing, finding any 'new shoot' opportunity from lower down the main stem or along a branch, at an unlikely junction and in an improbable direction.

It occurred to me that maybe we could learn from the tomato plant's vitality, its will or need to keep growing, no matter what, without depleting itself, to keep blossoming and fruiting, and finding new directions for growth.

Happy autumnal changes!

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Oct 03, 2022

Looking forward to hearing & reading your posts & following where life is now taking you. Pls count me in as a student, as things develop in your new life as a country gal. May your 🍅 continue to bring you joy.

Replying to

Now I've broken the ice so to speak, I'll try to keep you updated, especially as the tomatoes and other produce don't need so much attention... so much joy not least from receding your comments, as always. Thank you X

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