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Feldenkrais Matters, ATMs - no, not the cash dispensers!

Feldenkrais Matters - ATMs


What can you expect from class-based’ Awareness Through Movemen’t lessons or ‘ATMs’, and why they will matter to you?

The lessons are often done lying on the floor/mat, but also taught in standing or sitting position, and can be adapted to suit those with greater physical restrictions.

The movements begin small, slow and precise to allow greater awareness of how we approach an action; where a movement originates or where we perceive it to originate, what it affects and how in turn we are affected by it. As awareness expands, so does our understanding and so the range and quality of a movement increase.  The Somatic aspect of the Feldenkrais Method may bring about a multi layered understanding of our movement habits and help shift them, and us as a whole being, gently, to a place of greater self-acknowledgement and respect.

The emphasis is always on gentle and easeful movement, steering away from pain, excess effort and using the imagination if necessary. Periods of rest are integrated in the lessons to allow for noticing changes, and effects, providing the nervous system time to absorb and integrate new information hence affecting the desired helpful changes (all thanks to the neuroplasticity of the brain).

For many slowing down and reducing movements will be the greatest challenge but will also provide opportunities for deep and unexpected learning.

As movement becomes more easeful, more co-ordinated, more connected and range of movement improves this allows for more self-confidence, more optimism and openings for change, possibly in many areas of our lives.

The real genius, and why the Feldenkrais ATM lessons really Matter is the opportunity they provide us with to help and heal ourselves bringing us autonomy and greater personal freedom

Give it a go and book yourself into your nearest Feldenkrais lessons.                                  

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