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Feldenkrais Matters

The Feldenkrais Method, whilst little known amongst the general public, is many facetted and has the potential to impact an individual to great benefit.

There are two aspects to the Feldenkrais method; one is the class-based lessons, known as ‘Awareness Through Movement’ lessons, or 'ATMs', for short. The other is hands-on lesson or treatment, or gentle exploration, also known as ‘Functional Integration’ (or 'FIs'), both of which aim to alleviate, release, and align where there is pain, restriction and address residual effects of injury or even illness. Feldenkrais is often referred to as Intelligent Physiotherapy.

As a movement therapy its aim is to improve movement to make it easeful, more co-ordinated, more functional and lighter allowing us to move more freely, without making undue effort in our daily chores, leaving us with more energy to get on with our lives.

If you’d like to experience the benefits of the Feldenkrais Method, do get in touch   or search for a practitioner near you at .

Feldenkrais matters because it’s never too late to learn!             To be continued....       


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