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Emotional and Physical Healing

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

I was heartened (no pun intended but that's an interesting dimension too) recently when reports on research into 'Broken Heart Syndrome' (link to article below) recognised the link between our emotional, physical and energetic 'being' and adverse or overwhelming life experiences affect us. This is not new of course, we know that heart attacks often happen at stressful times, and of course we know that chronic stress is a killer.

Practices such as yoga and Feldenkrais through which we develop great insight into the things that affect us on subtle levels; help us acknowledge these and adapt our approach to ourselves or to our lifestyle as necessary, in turn improving and bettering our health.

In a homeopathic consultation we always try to determine what was happening around the time of a change in our health and a disruption in homeostasis, then we can focus on re-establishing balance. Even the subtlest symptoms are explored.

In QEC (Quantum Energy Coaching) we explore behaviour patterns that affect our physical health as well as our mental health (and we know how co-dependent they are). From a position of greater personal understanding we can modify/change unhelpful patterns, install healthier and more desirable modes of operation which then positively impact our general health, re-establishing good health and greater happiness.

I dream of a time when we take greater responsibility for our personal holistic health in the simplest and most natural way, and when research and established health systems recognise this and help to empower us. In the meantime you have yoga and Feldenkrais, along with many other disciplines that are centuries, old to help you keep you healthy and balanced. If you'd like to know more about some of the therapies mentored above or would like to book a consultation do get in touch.

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