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Zoom - The Value of Feedback

I have already mentioned some of the challenges of teaching yoga via Zoom but have recently realised that, for me, there is an additional challenge. Despite having taught yoga for nearly 20 years, having adapted and changed my methods thanks to YOU diligent and willing yogi explorers, I notice that there is a new dimension. While the medium of Zoom has enabled us all to continue with the practice as a support, as a means of exploration and learning, I find myself unnaturally nervous before class. On screen I am unable to judge how the classes are being received in the way I am can in a physical class. It’s more of a blind practice whereas in a usual class setting I can adapt to how my planned class is being received. Your feedback and continued support, you who return to Zoom-enabled class each week are my only guide that I am pitching things somewhat correctly.

So this is my opportunity to THANK YOU for your constant support and the really useful and encouraging feedback by email, text or just logging on to Zoom at the appointed time. It’s been invaluable and has kept me going; I hope, along the right track. My sincerest gratitude to you all…..and to Zoom….for reminding me how I wouldn’t be here doing this in the way that I am, if it weren’t for all of you.

In the words of a mantra I evoked the other week, which reminds us of the symbiotic relationship between us, a reminder that we learn from and encourage each other, that we are one:

Om Saha Nau Avatu

Saha Nau Bunaktu

Saha Viryam Karavaaavahai

Tejasvi Nau-Adhiitam-Astu Maa Vivissasavahai

Om Shaantih Shaantih Shaantih

Namaste (the light within me bows to the light within you)

See you on Zoom!

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