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Healing and Health

All that I do has been about achieving a healthy balanced state; mind, body and energy. I have known forever that's these parts of us cannot be separated, they are totally interdependent. Yoga literally means the yoking or bringing together of these parts of our being for balanced, full health.

Homeopathy is an energy based form of healthcare that explores a patient's complete being, history and current environment to heal and to remain healthy. It also empowers us, not separating us from ourselves or our personal impact and responsibility for our own health.

However our past, our difficult experiences, shocks and traumas and how we respond to these can impact our lives, health, perceptions as well as our understanding of ourselves, our bodies and how we function in the world.

Over the years my training in Thai Massage, Facial Reflexology, Feldenkrais TRE and more recently in Quantum Energy Coaching (QEC) has deepened my understanding of how trauma, big or small, affects us, how it is held in our bodies and how we become disregulated, and how OUR health - mental, emotional and physical becomes adversely affected. This CAN be remedied, rebalanced, readjusted but awareness is the start and rebuilding (through QEC for example) is the safest way forward to good functional health.

This week a film with Gabor Mate has been released along with some amazing interviews with world leaders in their fields explaining these links to health (not fitness, which is different again, and not long term pharmaceutical intervention). Please follow the link below for fuller explanation and understanding.

All good and full health to you



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